Special Fields of Operation

Seats for specific requirements

RECARO Automotive Seating offers more than just seats for vehicles. There are also applications for which our customers select automotive products and use them in another environment.

For this reason our portfolio also includes customized RECARO seats for stadiums (team benches), for the office (office chairs) and for control centers and monitoring rooms that operate around the clock (24/7).

RECARO is on the right course on the water as well: With RECARO Maritime Seats – helm seats for boats and yachts – skippers enjoy lashings of comfort and ergonomic support on the high seas. The extensive expertise of RECARO Automotive Seating in the manufacture of vehicle seats has flowed into the development of the maritime seats by SUN MARINE SEATS, the license partner of RECARO for Maritime Seats.

More information on RECARO Maritim Seats can be found here.