And that for more than 100 years

Wilhelm Reutter, the founder of our company, once said: "We want to do things better."

From our customers' perspective, it seems we are succeeding in this effort. They attest to the outstanding quality of our products and services. At the same time, we want to keep improving, which is why Wilhelm Reutter's statement still rings true to this day. After all, we believe that anyone who stops improving stops being good altogether.

RECARO uses a simple combination to live up to its aspiration to provide the highest quality: exclusive materials plus the finest workmanship. For this reason, our employees combine soft leather, lightweight aluminum and sturdy carbon with honest craftsmanship to create perfect seats to this very day.

In this process, we place great emphasis on the efficient use of our finite natural resources. We see it as an ethical obligation to our customers to maintain a perfect balance between business and the environment.