Optimal stability

Safety is the basic prerequisite for preserving physical integrity and feeling better in multiple ways, as mentioned above. In nature, the chitin shell protects the internal organs of arthropods from environmental influences. It acts as a shield to protect the creature from injury. This principle is also used at RECARO. Thanks to the shell-shaped design of every seat, the human body is embraced, stabilized and optimally protected in the best possible way. Sophisticated seatbelts and comprehensive protective cushioning provide additional support with maximum comfort.

But that's not all. RECARO Child Safety, for instance, revolutionized the market for child car seats with its very first patent: the first child car seat that grows with the child. Today this concept has become an integral part of the market. It allows families to use the child car seat for longer, thus allowing even the smallest of passengers to benefit from RECARO's competence in seating safety.

As one of the main suppliers for the automotive and aviation industry, we are also extremely familiar with all of the details concerning safety standards in these sectors. Renowned carmakers and airlines have trusted our expertise for decades. At the same time, RECARO can look back on over 40 years of experience in professional motorsports. This knowledge has also significantly impacted developments when it comes to safety since motorsports have exceptionally high safety requirements.