The RECARO Brand

RECARO is more than just a name. It's more than just leather, fabric, carbonfibre or metal. RECARO is sheer fascination. This fascination is at the heart of all that we do.

We bring special things to life for you.

During more than 100 years of company history - having emerged from the "Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter" - RECARO has become one of the most well-known seat manufacturers in the world. We see tradition as an obligation, yet never cease to develop the most sophisticated products. This identity determines our actions and can be perceived in the design, felt in the craftsmanship, experienced in first-class functionality.

Unique: RECARO

A brand defines itself by what it can do and achieve – its core competencies and thus its benefit for the customer. At the same time, it also defines itself by what and how it is. At RECARO, over 100 years of company history leaves its decisive mark on us, gives us a unique identity, drives us and inspires us each and every day.

RECARO is characterized by six essential attributes:

  • Distinctive: We are unique.
  • Premium: We are among the top.
  • Consistent: We are determined and enduring.
  • Reliable: We are trustworthy.
  • Open-minded: We are interested in new solutions.
  • Creative: What we shape is substantial.

Every RECARO customer can rest assured that his seat imparts that special fascination that comes from substance and emotion. He can rest assured that his seat guarantees better seating thanks to trailblazing solutions. Day after day. Year after year.

RECARO fascinates with trailblazing solutions for better seating!