Integrated brand management

The RECARO Holding

Since May 2013, the RECARO Holding is situated on the birthplace of the RECARO brand - in Stuttgart.

The RECARO Design Center is also located at the holding’s new site in Stuttgart. Based on an integrated work, communication, and space concept, it is meant to facilitate cross-divisional, creative work.

The RECARO Holding comprises the areas of Strategy, Finance, and Legal, as well as Design, Brand, and Communications. It guides the RECARO Group, provides direction, and acts as an internal service provider.

The independent business divisions RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Child Safety work closely together with the
RECARO Holding. They are given a high degree of autonomy and are managed by executives who are accountable for their results. Our licensing partners — currently RECARO Automotive Seating — also communicate closely with the holding regarding all issues relevant to the brand.

RECARO Holding

As an integrating brand holding, the RECARO Holding is not only the overarching organization above the RECARO Group, but is also part of it. It acts as a cross brace and inspiration for the RECARO Group. The holding’s mission is to act as a partner in an integrative manner to offer the operational units services involving the brand, design, and communications. It ensures the sustainable business development and support where needed - in close consultation and cooperation with the business units. Goal is a unified, harmonious brand image across all business to create.

Executive Management of the RECARO HOLDING

2012 was a breakthrough year for RECARO. With its newly formed management board in place, RECARO Holding has begun its future as an integrated brand holding company.

Executive Management of the RECARO Holding
From left to right: Dr. Bernd Gaiser (Chief Corporate Development & Financial Officer) , Martin Putsch (Shareholder and CEO of the RECARO Holding) and Hartmut Schürg (Chief Brand & Design Officer)

Dr. Bernd Gaiser, who became Chief Corporate Development and Financial Officer on September 1, 2012, knows RECARO well. During his tenure as board spokesman of the Stuttgart-based management consultancy Horváth & Partners from 2001 to 2012, he served RECARO for many years in an advisory role. He brings many years of experience advising medium-sized companies – particularly in the area of business development – to his new position.

Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer Martin Putsch continues to serve as chairman of the board in the new structure of management responsibilities. With the newly formed team and in the new structure as a brand holding company, RECARO Holding is now ideally poised for the future.

Since October 1, 2012, Hartmut Schürg has been the Chief Brand and Design Officer in charge of the newly created Brand and Design Department. He commands a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the RECARO brand. During his time at RECARO Aircraft Seating, he not only left his mark in the design area, but also on the brand’s identity. Through his many years of experience developing and designing aircraft seating, he also embodies RECARO’s commitment to optimally combine fascinating design with ergonomic functionality. Hartmut Schürg has been with RECARO Aircraft Seating since 1996, most recently as Vice President Platforms.

New Business

The RECARO business areas have high potential for growth. RECARO continues its systematic search for new business areas, including potential new partners and licensees who identify themselves with our brand. Are you interested in cooperating with RECARO? Then please get in touch with us: